Sustainable Business


Support community-based natural resource management and promote the development of inclusive, viable and sustainable businesses, spearheaded by private investors as well as local communities. This includes providing support in the establishment of mutually advantageous partnerships between local communities and investors, regarding the sharing of benefits resulting from the exploitation of resources within community lands (20% / 2.75%).

Strategic Actions

Support for community management of land and natural resources

Social community preparation;

Support for territorial and economic community planning

Support to the negotiation of partnerships and compensation packages in involuntary resettlement cases;

Promotion of viable, inclusive and sustainable businesses through the mobilization and training of actors in the private sector and local communities;

Survey of the socio-economic conditions of the communities and design of their profile

Economic valuation of the costs associated with the loss of resources due to the unsustainability of the practices of exploitation of natural resources and development of environmental accounting;

Evaluation and valuation of rights over land and other natural resources to support business processes between communities and investors

Development of socio-economic reference lines to assess positive or negative investment changes;