CCPs trained in associativism and financial management

CTV carried out during the past week, three training sessions to members of Fishing Community Councils (CCPs), from Santa Maria, Mabuluku and KaNyaca. These trainings are part of the project titled Natural Resource Management by Community Fishing Councils (CCPs), which will be implemented for a year and a half by CTV Read More

CTV begins a project to strengthen the fishing councils of the Maputo National Park

Centro Terra Viva (CTV) is implementing, during a year and a half, a project named “Natural Resource Management by Community Fishing Councils (CCPs)“, whose objective is to strengthen the CCPs, by providing the necessary tools and incentives, as capacity building, sharing knowledge enforcement tools, resource monitoring and livelihood initiatives. The project Read More

CTV presents the main results of the monitoring programs for marine turtles and artisanal and subsistence fishing in the Maputo National Park

In the beginning of March the results of the monitoring programs were presented and discussed among the stakeholders in order to improve the knowledge about the use of resources, threats to nature and the ecological conservation status of the park to support and strengthen the management of the area. The event Read More