Members of Makomane Muhate and Mussacate associations trained in agro-processing and salt iodization

CTV is carrying out training sessions to Makomane Muhate and Mussacte associations members in home vegetable gardens, agro-processing and salt iodization. These activities will give them information and knowledge, to better use the natural resources available in their communities and in this way increase production, improve the food diet and generate income.


The activity involves about fifteen members in each association is part of a project, which will benefit the communities of Mussacate, Muhate and Makomane, whose associations were created with CTV support  and some of them have been developing different types of activities with a Finance fund of Terre des Hommes a  German international organization.


These associations now have skills to produce jam, juice and enriched porridge from sweet potatoes; chips, cakes   and fishballs from cassava; Butter, enriched porridge from peanut; orange juice; salty, sweety and chilly cashewnuts and other products using available local techniques.