First and Second Islands Environmental Protection Area


Source: Verde Azul, Management Plan of the APA Ilhas Primeiras and Segundas

General Overall Objective of the PROMOVE Programme

To protect biodiversity and contribute to improving the livelihoods of the rural communities in the areas covered through the sustainable management of natural resources in the APAIPS, in Nampula and Zambézia provinces in Mozambique.

Specific Objective

Implement sustainable initiatives and strategies which improve the management and administration capacity of the areas of intervention within the APAIPS.

Adopt sustainable livelihood practices for the local communities living within the APAIPS and in the buffer zones.

Encourage and disseminate applied research and participatory studies linked to the management of natural resources (conservation of biodiversity and community development) within the APAIPS, to influence operation and policies at local and national level.

Equipa de implementação

Biografia da equipa de implementação

Keith Roberts
Conservation and Security Specialist

Karen Allen
Project Coordinator

Jessie McGrath
Marine Science and Technical Specialists

Matt Rice
Community-based Conservation Specialist

Andrew Parker
Protected Area Management Specialist

Maurício Simbine
Administration and Finance Officer

Manuela Wing
Communications Manager

Samanta Remane
Legal Advisor

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