Students believe that more inspection in the conservation areas can reverse climate change
The National Platform of Civil Society Organizations on Climate Change held on June 3, 2016, in the Cultural Center Franco Mozambican a debate on the "Importance of Conservation Areas in the Combat of Climate Change", in celebration of the Environment Day which is marked on 5 June each year.

The debate aimed to promote reflection on destruction of habitats in conservation areas which has been taking in the country, and discuss eco-feiendly as well as the importance of preserving these areas, taking into account the vital role they play. Such roles are also extended to other ecological services they play amog other, protection and preservation of biodiversity in to ensure the ecological balance, thus contributing to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The students mentioned several mitigation measures that can be considered in this great challenge that Mozambique in particular and, other countries in general face. Among them are:, the need to inforce more inspection by the Mozambican Government, more control of wildfires, indiscriminate trade of wildlife , prevention of erosion and mangrove deforestation which has been taking place in all cosatalareas of the country and urgent need to create defense mechanisms of natural resources and biodiversity.

Another important measure that has been highlighted was the introduction of environmental education programs in schools, as a way to disseminate environmental awareness associated with protection and conservation of environment among young children.

74 people attended the meeting (34 men and 31 women), representing Escola Secundária da Lhanguene , Universidade Pedagógica Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, and many organizations of the civil society . ( os nomes de instituioes publicas moçambicanas nao devem ser traduzidos para o ingles)

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